Projects 2023
Almacén de Residuos, Lichen Innovación Social + S-Biotica (Catalonia)
Transforming neighbourhood organic waste
Matías Verderau del Rio, Director ,
 Lara Campos, material designer
True Price (Netherlands)
A world where products are sold for their true price
Maurits Appeldoorn,
 Team Lead
Possible (UK)
Inspiring climate action, today
Hirra Khan Adeogun,
 Co-director: Campaigns and Impact
Fondazione Innovazione Urbana (Italy)
Urban transformations for social and environmental justice
Michele d’Alena,
 Head of Civic Imagination Area, Digital Agenda and External Relations
Force of Nature (UK)
Transforming mindsets for climate action
Kat Hamilton,
 Partnerships and Programmes Director
Griyum (Mexico)
Making sustainable protein from crickets
Alejandro de la Brena,
 Co-Founder and CEO
Goparity (Portugal)
Investments for good
Nuno Brito Jorge,
 CEO and co-founder
Biowaste creating opportunities
Francesc Giró,
 Director of Strategic Planning of the Waste Agency of Catalonia
Micro:bit Educational Foundation (UK)
Bringing coding to life for a digital future
Gareth Stockdale,
JESAC (Niger and Burkina Faso)
Regenerating the Sahel with satellites, AI and blockchain
Issa Garba,
 National Coordinator of the Nigerian Youth Network on Climate Change
Rainforest Connection (USA)
Saving the rainforests with AI
Sarika Khanwilkar,
 Head of Partnerships
El Col·lectiu Eixarcolant (CAT)
Delicious “weeds” and edible flowers
Marc Talavera Roma,
 President and Coordinador
Asociación Bartolomé Aripalla (Perú)
Quechua sisters build sacred reservoirs in the Andes
Magdalena Machaca Mendieta,
 Co-Founder and Executive Director
Flipflopi (Kenya)
A technicolour dreamboat
Leonard Schurg,
 Senior Manager
NaTakallam (USA/France)
A language school giving hope to refugees
Aline Sara, Co-Founder and CEO,
 Moulham Ibrik, Language expert
Dar Si Hmad Foundation (Morocco)
Capturing the clouds in Morocco
Dr. Jamila Bargach,
 Co-Founder and Executive Director
Seabin Foundation (Australia)
Sea ‘bins’ tackle oceanic litter
Dr. Mahi Paquette,
 CEO (online)
Lecturers without Borders (France)
Bringing science into every classroom
Dr. Eugenia Covernton,
Greenhouse-in-a-Box (India) by Kheyti
Sowing seeds for sustainable agriculture
Ayush Sharma,
 Co-founder and Head of Operations
Orquesta De Instrumentos Reciclados De Cateura (Paraguay)
The sound of rubbish
Favio Chávez,
The World Bee Project (UK)
Understanding the relationships between bees and people
Sabiha Rumani Malik,
Foldscope Instruments (USA)
The $1 paper microscope
Jim Cybulski,
 CEO and co-inventor
Repair Café International Foundation (Netherlands)
Fixing things together
Martine Postma,
 Founder and Director
SnotBot (USA)
Collecting snot to save the whales
Dr. Iain Kerr,
 CEO of Ocean Alliance
AMP Robotics (USA)
Robo-cycling to end waste
Jeremy Neigher,
 Vice President and general manager