Saving the rainforests with AI
Rainforest Connection (USA)
“We can and we must save ecosystems; it is about building a better future for wildlife and people.”
Sarika Khanwilkar,
 Head of Partnerships

Rainforest Connection is using artificial intelligence to listen out for the sounds of illegal logging and poaching, creating the world’s biggest shareable, searchable “Audio Ark of rainforest sounds and eco-data” in the name of wildlife conservation. The project, focused on preventing rainforest deforestation, uses solar-powered acoustic listening devices and AI to detect threats like chainsaws and pinpoint signs of destructive activity at a great distance. The digital library and bio-acoustic platform lets anyone browse the “worldwide rainforest” to give scientists instant access to vast troves of raw acoustic data collected from rainforests worldwide. But most importantly it gives real-time data on illegal logging allowing first responders to intervene before the trees get felled. Conservationist and researcher in sound and biodiversity Dr. Sarika Khanwilkar is part of the dynamic team that is actively involved in using scalable technologies like acoustics and AI to support high-impact conservation work across the globe.