A language school giving hope to refugees
NaTakallam (USA/France)
Aline Sara, Co-Founder and CEO,
 Moulham Ibrik, Language expert

Looking to refresh your Masri (Egyptian) or Ukrainian? NaTakallam (meaning “we speak” in Arabic) is an award-winning, high-quality language service that’s offering “languages of hope” to refugees. The language school provides conversation sessions, translation and cultural exchange services delivered by individuals who have been forced to leave their homes, providing them access to income at times where they might otherwise be cut off from the traditional economy in their temporary homes. Co-Founded by social entrepreneur Aline Sara in 2015, NaTakallam pairs displaced persons with learners around the world for language practice, offering language learning programmes delivered by refugees, for all levels of Arabic, Armenia, English, French, Kurdish, Persian, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian. It has distributed $USD 2,500,000+ in self-earned income to conflict-affected populations, notably refugees and their host communities, by connecting them to 12,000+ learners and clients worldwide.