Urban transformations for social and environmental justice
Fondazione Innovazione Urbana (Italy)
Michele d’Alena,
 Head of Civic Imagination Area, Digital Agenda and External Relations

The Fondazione Innovazione Urbana (FIU) is a central hub for urban transformation, with a focus on proximity, ecological transition, and cultural democracy. It collaborates with public administration, universities, businesses, the third sector, and citizens to steer urban change. With an extensive background in co design processes and emerging technologies with various experiences with NGO and private companies, Michele d’Alena in charge of the Civic Imagination Office. FIU manages urban transformation processes, nurturing knowledge and forging pathways for urban spaces and services. It promotes public discourse, co-production, and dialogue among citizens and institutions. FIU, with its global perspective, works in urban space experimentation, sustainable mobility, cultural regeneration, process design, redistribution and civic impact, all while using research to innovate urban policies. FIU’s mission is unwavering: championing social and environmental justice, equity, accessibility, and diversity. It envisions a brighter future through knowledge, education, and civic imagination, fostering well-being and collaboration.