Inspiring climate action, today
Possible (UK)
Hirra Khan Adeogun,
 Co-director: Campaigns and Impact

Possible wants to see a zero carbon society, built by and for the people of the UK, and they want to see it fast. This colossal task touches every aspect of life, with an emphasis on the vital role of individuals and communities. While politicians and corporations play their part, progress depends on constituents and customers’ support. The ethos at Possible is clear: the climate movement must become a mass movement. They blend personal and local actions with systemic change, addressing the climate crisis with enthusiasm and joy. Born in 2009 from questions raised by “The Age of Stupid” documentary, Possible has dedicated itself to providing answers. From their 2010 challenge to cut carbon emissions by 10% to groundbreaking campaigns like Solar Schools, their mission inspires climate action. Co-Director Hirra Khan Adeogun, leader of Possible’s campaigns team, is passionate about sustainable futures rooted in social justice and community unity. With a background in innovative programmes and community engagement, Hirra is committed to creating a zero-carbon UK, hand in hand with its people.