Robo-cycling to end waste
AMP Robotics (USA)
“Paper, plastics, and metals have real value. By applying advanced technology to reduce the cost of sorting, the economics of recovery become sustainable, and a natural incentive emerges to capture these materials.”
Jeremy Neigher,
 Vice President and general manager

AMP Robotics is revolutionising the global recycling system by applying AI-powered automation. Their advanced technology identifies and recovers recyclables with speed and accuracy, ensuring that more materials are actually recycled. By digitising vast amounts of data from billions of images, they optimise the recovery of even the most challenging materials, contributing to a circular economy. With a background in renewable energy and financial marketplaces, Vice President and General Manager at AMP Robotics Jeremy Neigher brings a wealth of experience in driving sustainable solutions, as AMP Robotics helps businesses, governments, and NGOs to achieve higher recycling rates and increase the supply of post-consumer recycled content. Their innovative systems transform what was once considered rubbish into valuable resources, preventing landfill waste. Their cutting-edge solutions empower organisations to make a sustainable impact and shape a better future.