The sound of rubbish
Orquesta De Instrumentos Reciclados De Cateura (Paraguay)
“The world sends us garbage, we return music to the world.”
Favio Chávez,

An orchestra made up of young people at risk of social exclusion turns rubbish from the largest landfill in Paraguay into recycled instruments. Favio Chávez, a musician and environmental technician who worked in the Cateura recycling programme, wanted to bring music closer to the most disadvantaged populations of the poor neighbours that surrounded the landfill, to give a second chance to those young people. However, there were so many students interested that there were no instruments for everyone, which inspired the idea to create instruments from waste materials at the landfill: cans, rusty pipes, cutlery, oil drums, cables or bottles. The Recycled Instruments Orchestra of Cateura was born in 2008, and at the beginning was made up of the children of waste dump workers. Since then, the orchestra has given concerts all over the world and has even acted as opening act for the group Metallica on their South America’s tour.