Capturing the clouds in Morocco
Dar Si Hmad Foundation (Morocco)
“It is by closing the gap of separation between us humans, and this earth that holds us tight, that we can walk in the path of healing both.”
Dr. Jamila Bargach,
 Co-Founder and Executive Director

Rain might be rare in the Moroccan desert, but there is no shortage of mist. Thanks to North Africa’s largest fog harvester, drinking water is being produced from thin air. The Moroccan Foundation Dar Si Hmad for Development, Education and Culture, established a ground-breaking means of harvesting water from fog for Amazigh communities living on the edge of the desert in Aït Baamrane – one of the poorest regions in Morocco. Using a unique technology, 600 sq metres of fine webbed nets are spread across the region’s biggest mountain, Mount Boutmezguida. Co-founded by anthropologist Dr. Jamila Bargach in 2000, the foundation has been active in bringing clean drinking water to disenfranchised rural areas around the world, and creating meaningful cross-cultural exchange. The ground-breaking CloudFishers now have sister projects in Eritrea and Ghana. Other agricultural areas benefit too, thanks to an increased water supply for crops and an educational farm that teaches agro-ecology in dry regions. As a blueprint for sustainable, humanitarian development in regions hard hit by water shortages, the CloudFishers offer unprecedented opportunities.