Transforming mindsets for climate action
Force of Nature (UK)
“In community there is resilience, in joy there is resilience, and when we work together so much more is possible.”
Kat Hamilton,
 Partnerships and Programmes Director

At just 15, Kat Hamilton already recognised the power of community activism. Organising action groups to foster cross-cultural dialogue, Kat was committed to uniting communities for positive change. Today, Kat leads the Partnerships and Programmes team at Force of Nature, a youth nonprofit founded in 2019 by the then 19-year-old Clover Hogan. Force of Nature’s core mission is nurturing the next generation of climate leaders by providing mindset programmes, training pathways, and opportunities. They empower young minds to overcome climate anxiety and take tangible actions, emphasising collaboration between students and educators. However, Force of Nature goes beyond education; it trains young activists to advise business leaders, catalysing a shift in mindsets toward climate action. Promoting intergenerational collaboration through workshops, consulting, and youth advisory boards, the organisation embodies the belief in collective action. Force of Nature also offers a global platform for young voices, amplifying messages from change-makers, thought leaders, and experts. Kat Hamilton’s journey exemplifies the spirit of empowerment and transformation at the heart of Force of Nature.

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