Investments for good
Goparity (Portugal)
“Money still makes the world go round. The question then becomes: is my money doing anything good for people and our planet?”
Nuno Brito Jorge,
 CEO and co-founder

Goparity, co-founded by entrepreneur and innovation and sustainability enthusiast Nuno Brito Jorge, is an impact finance platform that allows people and companies to make a return on their money while investing in sustainable development projects. After struggling to find ethical banking options in Portugal, Nuno convinced a few friends to invest with him in a small solar power project to earn some returns while doing something good for the planet. These initial forays into crowdlending inspired the foundations of Goparity, which has so far funded 304 projects, all of which adhere to at least one of the 17 official Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. People being able to choose how their money is used is one of the most powerful tools to control social and environmental impact and the growth of Goparity shows that this is a much-needed initiative in the investment sector.