A world where products are sold for their true price
True Price (Netherlands)
Maurits Appeldoorn,
 Team Lead

In a world where product costs often hide true impacts, social enterprise True Price, established in 2012, is revolutionising consumption. Dedicated to making sustainable, affordable products accessible to all, True Price aims to demystify true pricing. They empower consumers to understand and willingly support a product’s real value. They enable consumers to grasp a product’s genuine cost and choose to contribute accordingly, bridging affordability and sustainability. True Price, evolving into a global leader in quantifying societal impact, calculates true prices worldwide. In 2018, it transitioned into a non-profit, focusing on maintaining standards and building a community. Maurits Appeldoorn, Team Lead, embodies True Price’s dedication. With an MSc in International Relations and Political Philosophy, his expertise extends to subsidy consulting and work with ING Bank.