Understanding the relationships between bees and people
The World Bee Project (UK)
“Bees bind the natural and human worlds, and in safeguarding bees lies the means to safeguard life itself.”
Sabiha Rumani Malik,

Over 75% of the nutritious food we eat depends on pollination. Bees provide essential pollination and ecological services, and many species are threatened globally, but we don’t know enough.  To understand how plants, bees, and pollinators interact with each other and their environments, The World Bee Project CIC uses AI and sensor technology to monitor bee and biodiversity declines to help find long-term solutions for both nature and people. In parallel, The World Bee Project’s pioneering social programme Celebrating the Right to Life, Food and Shelter for Women in Adversity creates sustainable beekeeping livelihood options for women living in areas where conflict and adversity deny them the right to life, food and shelter. The World Bee Project’s work extends from the United Kingdom to Israel, India and Ukraine.