Bringing coding to life for a digital future
Micro:bit Educational Foundation (UK)
“Technology is transforming our lives. How can we equip young people today with the skills they need to create their best digital tomorrow?”
Gareth Stockdale,

Though it is now part of everyday life, technology is at risk of being another tool to perpetuate social and economic inequity. It is essential to create more opportunities, so diverse perspectives can influence the creation of solutions that can shape the future for the better. The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized device that brings coding to life in the real world. This easy-to-use and affordable learning tool helps children get creative with technology, so they can build the skills and understanding needed to shape their future digital world. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation supports educators around the world to inspire young people, particularly girls and those from under-represented groups. Gareth Stockdale, CEO of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, believes in the transformational power of education and the need to equip all children today with the skills that they will need to succeed and transform the world in the coming decades. As former Head of Operations for BBC Education, Gareth was the joint project lead for the initial micro:bit project in 2016. Prior to the BBC, Gareth worked for Twofour, using digital media to enhance education and training.