Regenerating the Sahel with satellites, AI and blockchain
JESAC (Niger and Burkina Faso)
Issa Garba,
 National Coordinator of the Nigerian Youth Network on Climate Change

JESAC is an initiative at the intersection of community engagement, scientific expertise, and cutting-edge technologies. Funded by the EU Delegation to the African Union and operating under the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub instrument, JESAC is a collaborative effort led by Oxfam, Lobelia Earth, and Caelum Labs in partnership with communities in Niger and Burkina Faso. JESAC’s mission is clear: to transparently and accurately offset CO₂ emissions while actively involving youth and women in land regeneration. Through the implementation of Assisted Natural Regeneration methods, young people and women are revitalising over 200 hectares of drylands in Burkina Faso and Niger. This not only results in carbon storage and enhanced biodiversity but also supports rural livelihoods. What sets JESAC apart is its commitment to socio-economic development, ensuring that communities are remunerated for their efforts, with the active participation of 1,400 young farmers. The project’s use of satellite imagery, Artificial Intelligence, and blockchain technologies to track and assess CO₂ offsetting potential ensures full transparency and neutrality throughout the entire process, strengthening environmental and climate leadership at the community level and beyond.