Sea 'bins' tackle oceanic litter
Seabin Foundation (Australia)
Dr. Mahi Paquette,
 CEO (online)

A simple but effective solution to tackling ocean waste, the Seabin Project was created by two surfers who were tired of seeing debris in the waters they spent so much time in. Placed just below the surface of the water, Seabins use a small submersible pump to draw water and any nearby debris into its removable bag. As the Seabin Project continues to gain momentum, its vision expands beyond individual Seabins to address the root causes of ocean pollution. The project aims to scale up its impact by collaborating with governments, industries, and communities to implement systemic changes. With a deep love of the Earth, Seabin Foundation CEO Dr Mahi Paquette has a passion for bridging the gap between science, technology, near-future adaptation, and community engagement. This has led Mahi to work and volunteer actively in the not-for-profit sector, gaining knowledge and experience in community leadership. By promoting extended producer responsibility, Seabin Foundation seeks to collaborate for better accountability for the plastic waste collectively generated. The project also encourages the adoption of sustainable packaging s