Biowaste creating opportunities
Francesc Giró,
 Director of Strategic Planning of the Waste Agency of Catalonia

Amidst the pressing issue of high youth unemployment in the Mediterranean basin, particularly affecting NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and women, SIRCLES pioneers an innovative approach by applying circular economy principles to the biowaste sector. The project focuses on developing new capabilities for business development, including separation, collection, composting, and agriculture processes, tested through 7 pilot projects tailored to local contexts. SIRCLES works to create green jobs, empower vulnerable populations, and promote environmental sustainability. The core objective is to enhance green employment prospects for NEETs and women in circular economy models, particularly in the hotel, food retail, and household sectors. Improvements include the creation of 107 new jobs. SIRCLES also contributes empirical evidence to inform policy-makers and advance the circular economy sector, benefiting the Mediterranean region’s sustainable economic development. Speaking at Fixing, Francesc Giró has worked all his professional career as a technical expert and researcher in collection of biowaste and on biological treatment and he brings this expertise to his role as Director of Strategic Planning of the Waste Agency of Catalonia.