Transforming neighbourhood organic waste
Almacén de Residuos, Lichen Innovación Social + S-Biotica (Catalonia)
“Is it possible to transform organic waste into materials and products?”
Matías Verderau del Rio, Director ,
 Lara Campos, material designer

Almacén de Residuos is a dynamic, multidisciplinary endeavour dedicated to redefining waste management in the Sant Martí district of Barcelona. By fostering spaces for reflection, dialogue, and collective action, this collaborative project strives to empower the community to rethink their approach to waste. Through participatory initiatives and educational programmes, the Almacén de Residuos aspires to cultivate a robust local network committed to the responsible management of organic waste. This is a project led by Lichen Innovación Social and S-Biotica. At the helm of Lichen Innovación Social is Matías Verderau del Rio, a leader with a background in Business Administration and a passion for social innovation. Lichen Innovación Social is a social innovation lab that champions public-private-community partnerships. With a multidisciplinary approach, they develop inclusive solutions to address contemporary challenges, focusing on citizen engagement and empowerment. In the creative realm, S-Biotica stands as a pioneering research and biodesign centre. Led by a transdisciplinary collective, including material designer Lara Campos, this innovative hub democratises biodesign by providing accessible resources and tools for working with organic materials and living systems. Their exploration delves deep into organismic behaviour, material narratives, and sensory experiences, merging craftsmanship with digital fabrication processes. Their vision is to create a new material world, where materials themselves nourish, comfort, console, delight, and sustain life.