The $1 paper microscope
Foldscope Instruments (USA)
“To be industrious is human; to be curious is divine.”
Jim Cybulski,
 CEO and co-inventor

Have you ever tried making a paper airplane or an origami swan? Jim Cybulski, the co-founder and CEO of Foldscope Instruments, has co-developed a paper-based microscope that uses similar techniques to make a powerful yet low-cost scientific tool. The innovative paper microscope started as an idea and has transformed into a global movement, reaching over 2 million people worldwide, transforming healthcare in developing nations. The portable, durable (and waterproof!) microscope allows people to visualise bacteria, microorganisms, insects, plants, fabrics, tissues, and more, bringing hard-to-see concepts into everyone’s pockets. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and a passion for accessibility in science, Jim Cybulski has spent the last 6 years developing and field testing Foldscopes all over the world. 

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