Bringing science into every classroom
Lecturers without Borders (France)
“If we want to transform the future, STEM education cannot remain a privilege of a few. Good science is done everywhere, and every child deserves the chance to get access to it.”
Dr. Eugenia Covernton,

Lecturers Without Borders (LeWiBo), an NGO launched by a group of dedicated scientists in late 2017, has developed a network that connects international scientists with students around the world. LeWiBo’s mission is to bring science and scientists into classrooms, both in-person and online, to inspire and empower young minds through free outreach lectures. They do this by connecting expert scientists, who often travel for their work, to local schools. With a commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and open education, LeWiBo seeks to foster dialogue, provide role models, and create opportunities for science engagement for every school on the planet, no matter what their resources are. Led by Dr. Eugenia Covernton, a virologist and science communicator, LeWiBo has a network of over 300 lecturers and can reach up to 8,000 schools across the globe, leaving a lasting impact on the minds of countless young learners.