Sowing seeds for sustainable agriculture
Greenhouse-in-a-Box (India) by Kheyti
“The idea of Kheyti started from a simple dream – that the hard work of half a billion farmers across the world should pay off.”
Ayush Sharma,
 Co-founder and Head of Operations

Kheyti, a pioneering organisation committed to sustainable agriculture, began its journey with a vision to address the plight of Indian farmers who faced adverse weather conditions, land degradation, and volatile markets. Co-founded in 2015 by Ayush Sharma and his colleagues, the organisation aimed to transform the lives of smallholder farmers in India, typically cultivating less than two acres of land. At the heart of Kheyti’s transformative impact lies the “Greenhouse-in-a-Box”, an innovation that empowers farmers to grow high-value crops throughout the year, irrespective of the external environment. The Greenhouse-in-a-Box provides a controlled climate, protecting crops from extreme weather, pests, and diseases. Designed to be affordable and easy to set up, the Greenhouse-in-a-Box utilises solar-powered technology to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels. This allows farmers to cultivate a diverse range of crops, reducing their dependency on a single crop for income and enhancing overall resilience. The organisation also actively promotes agroforestry, conservation practices, and soil health management, contributing to ecological balance and biodiversity conservation. Through their commitment to sustainable agriculture, the Greenhouse-in-a-Box is sowing the seeds of change in rural India and beyond.