Delicious “weeds” and edible flowers
El Col·lectiu Eixarcolant (CAT)
“If we change what’s behind what we eat, we can change the world.”
Marc Talavera Roma,
 President and Coordinador

Col·lectiu Eixarcolant envisions a future in which eating native “weeds” and cultivating local varieties of vegetables and forgotten crops is the new normal. Since 2016, this Catalan grassroots collective is pushing for a societal shift in how people interact with, produce, commercialise and consume native wild plants and traditional varieties of crops, while ensuring equity, fairness and ethical principles. Marc Talavera Roma, a biologist and founding member of the collective, explains that the project was inspired by the lack of coherence in today’s agri-food sector. To help people appreciate the nutritious properties of the foods growing outside our door, Eixarcolant organises workshops that teach growing and harvesting techniques. The collective believes that it is necessary to transform agri-food systems towards models based on proximity, sustainability, quality, and the dignity of farming and that is why they work on the recovery and promotion of forgotten plants as tools to contribute to these changes.