I work for

To kick off the festival we have a free opening event on 12 October from 5pm at Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHUB). Led by Barcelona-based artist Octavi Serra and urban art centre B-Murals, the interactive activity constructs a “sun” from 150 activist-participants who are working to improve the world. 

I WORK FOR is a performance-installation in which Fixing the Future Festival audiences will join together in a collective human mass, evoking the change people from all over the world are demanding. 

The symbolic sun brings together the energy that feeds our planet and illuminates it, touching every individual and giving them the power to make a difference. 

After the initial collective action on 12 October, the installation will stay in place throughout the festival, giving insights into what it is we are all working for. 

This event is organised in collaboration with Oxfam Intermón and we are excited to welcome the participation of over 100 young climate activists from across Europe and beyond. Come along, be part of the conversation and decide how you want to work towards a better future!

About the artist

Octavi Serra, a multidisciplinary and visual artist based in Catalonia, Spain, has stood out in the contemporary art world for his deep commitment to creative exploration and social criticism. His work is characterised by fusing various disciplines, such as installation, sculpture, photography and performance, to challenge conventional norms and provoke deep reflection.