Future Faire

Book Dash

Book Dash is a not-for-profit, South African social impact publisher of open, African picture books for very young children with the vision that every child should own 100 books by the age of 5. Book Dash aims to enable wide-scale distribution (100 million books) to pre-school children and their families.

Domingo Fermenter

Domingo Club presents the Domingo Fermenter, a low-tech tool for growing mycelium. Developed by design and biohacking duo Maud Bausier and Antoine Jaunard, the Domingo Fermenter can ferment a tasty and healthy alternative to meat, with the help of fungi that ferments fresh tempeh from local beans. 

Infrared City

Infrared City is a platform for intelligent and resilient design powered by Artificial Intelligence. The platform makes complex environmental simulations accessible and understandable for all. The machine learning models provide real-time feedback on design proposals and can guide climate-informed decisions. It currently provides feedback on solar, sunlight and wind performance. 

Little Big Futures

Little Big Futures is an interactive board game using digitally fabricated tools, designed for children aged 12 and above to explore and express their perspectives and attitudes. The project’s wider objective is to provide educators worldwide with DIY tools for 1-hour sessions that promote constructive debates and inspire forward-thinking discussions in educational environments.


NEPHOGRAM is a free app that calculates how many grams of CO2 are emitted by photos shared on social media. This artistic project by Andrés Galeano wants to make visible the environmental impact of the Internet and its CO2 emissions, to inspire people to adopt a more responsible and sustainable use of digital devices.

Ongo Board

The Ongo Board, by bio designers and entrepreneurs Roberto Broce, Jessica Dias, Ignacio de Juan-Creix and Rian Davidson, is a mycelium-based surfboard that utilises fungal mycelium and agricultural by-products to create a compostable product that is harmless to the surfer, the shaper, and the ocean. 


P.O.W.A.R., by design innovator Pablo Zuloaga, is a low-cost climate simulator that allows small-holder farmers to experiment by growing their plants in future climatic conditions. The aim is to obtain crucial data on the impact of climate change on them which allows them to make more informed decisions, and thus strengthen their resilience.


SUSTEIN upcycles healthcare waste into construction materials. The initiative produces thermos-acoustic insulation and laminate boards. By using them together, they produce prefabricated compound walls. SUSTEIN is designed to improve the current healthcare waste management to transform it from linear to circular.


RAVALoritza involves young people from the Casal dels Infants del Raval to create the furniture for their new space. An initiative of TransfoLAB BCN and RAONS PÚBLIQUES, the project combines participatory processes, design thinking, sustainable co-creation and circular economy.


AGREENCULTURE by Colèchi involves research on agricultural practices and regenerative ways of being. It is presented in a collaborative print journal with voices from growers, weavers, designers, scientists, and upcyclers to provoke new thinking and collaboration on how the clothing industry can work with nature. It provides insight from rural farms to bridge the conversation between agriculture and design methods.


Olio is a local sharing app, for finding what you need and sharing what you don’t with neighbours. Olio connects neighbours and local businesses so surplus food and goods can be shared. Users take a photo of what they don’t need, add it to the app and wait for someone to request and collect. 


The LIFE ECOREST project aims to restore nearly 30,000 hectares of deep marine habitats in Catalonia in an area of high ecological value. This is done through active restoration strategies implemented in close collaboration with scientists, fishers and public administration.  

Courageous Conversations on Climate Change

Courageous is the tone that characterises these dialectical and performative conversations about climate change, the first edition of which began in Barcelona in 2023 within the framework of the European ActZen project. These meetings take a transdisciplinary, situated and feminist approach.

The Social Hub 

The Social Hub is a hub for the next generation of changemakers: from students to entrepreneurs, from digital nomads to artists. The Social Hub has spaces for all occasions, such as lobbies, play areas, a 24/7 gym, and coworking spaces to meet, collaborate and connect, right in the heart of the Poblenou District.

Scratch Jr Tactile

Scratch Jr Tactile is a community and a movement for equity, inclusion and digital accessibility to classrooms. These new resources of tangible programming pads have been designed so that ALL students learn together in the classroom. It has been created by various organisations in Barcelona and the Scratch Foundation of the MIT Media Lab.