Your utopias are our dystopias

This installation brings together some of the almost 20 illustrations that Javier Royo created during the 1st edition of the Courageous Conversations on Climate Change, organised on 27 June 2023 at the Lleialtat Santsenca in Barcelona. 

These conversations – dialectical and performative, situated and transdisciplinary – brought together guests and a hybrid audience, coming from areas of scientific research, artistic practice and the cultural sector. The event shared and collectively developed new perspectives, starting from the following questions:



  • When do you have to decide between sustaining life or sustaining the system?
  • Do we dare to propose new imaginaries and push the limits?
  • How does transdisciplinary dialogue inspire us?


During the conversations a group of creatives were in charge of preparing the artistic reports of the conversations. These contributions were developed by choreographer, actor and designer Oskar Luko, dancer and choreographer Glòria Ros and the NyamNyam collective, each one using their artistic language. They all subsequently developed performative and conceptual materials collected in audiovisual format that will be presented during Fixing the Future Festiva

In addition to the post-conversation reportage, artist Javier Royo worked in situ and in real time on the notions and ideas that emerged among the guests. These illustrations will be on display in the Foyer on the 4th floor of the DHUB.