Climate Justice

For far too long, big polluters such as fossil fuel companies have been profiting while they destroy the planet. The emissions they produce are causing record heat waves, wildfires, flooding and extreme weather events. Communities are being destroyed while the polluters count their cash. This injustice cannot be allowed to continue. 

For real climate justice we must #MakeRichPollutersPay. 

In a historic unanimous decision by all countries at COP27 last year, a Loss and Damage fund was agreed. However this fund still needs billions in financing to work.

If governments everywhere take action against rich polluters it would raise billions to finance the Loss and Damage fund, supporting those hit hardest by climate change and building more resilient communities for the future. 


This panel, with a selection of young climate activists, will discuss climate justice, first hand experiences of loss and damage, and how making rich polluters pay can address the systemic injustices of climate change.

Moderated by Marinel Ubaldo

Annelice Corrales Nuñez (Costa Rica)
Raki Ap (West Papua/Netherlands)
Marina Maraschin (Portugal)