Be a Tree performance

with Eugenio Ampudia

As part of a collaboration with Oxfam Intermón and the Spark project, artist Eugenio Ampudia has created Be a Tree Now!, a mobilising and open action that uses dance to get people to see and represent themselves as a tree.


The climate emergency is the biggest problem we face as a species and action is needed to make visible the need for urgent climate justice. Working in the framework of the Climate Summit 2023, and with the collaboration of the Compañía Nacional de Danza, Galería Max Estrella, Palacio Quintanar and Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Ampudia has created a transmedia action where people can record their moving trees.

For Fixing the Future Festival, participants can record their own trees in the Future Faire. And to wrap up the festival Ampudia will join forces with professional dancers to present the magic of Be a Tree on the main stage. 

This project is possible thanks to the support of Oxfam Intermón, Spark and the European Union.